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6. Dezember 2010 – 07:23 Ulrich Herb (2785x aufgerufen) |

Da Chemiker gut Englisch können, kommt hier die Originalnachricht:
CAS is pleased to announce that we have added new features to SciFinder that will improve synthetic chemists and other researchers’ productivity by accelerating research queries, providing easy access to lab preparations, and providing synthesis planning capabilities.

In addition to presenting cleaner, more streamlined layouts, the new SciFinder features enable chemists, scientists, and researchers to

  • View experimental procedures in context with a reaction. Users will be able to view experimental procedures from six American Chemical Society journals and patents from the USPTO, EPO, and WIPO, covering the period from 2005-2009. Users will also be able to examine, sort, and analyze experimental procedures for applicability to their synthetic research needs and more efficiently determine lab preparations and plan synthetic pathways.
  • Search structures using SMILES and InChI strings. Chemists can now save time drawing structures by converting InChI (International Chemical Identifier) or SMILES (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification) text strings within the SciFinder drawing editor to generate graphic representations of specific substances.
  • Sort search results by relevance. Reaction results can now be viewed from most to least relevant, bringing the most important information to the researcher’s attention immediately.

Die neuen Features kann man in Webinars kennenlernen. Am 9. Dezember 2010 bietet CAS ein e-Seminar Exploring What’s New with SciFinder an. Wenn Sie sich dafĂĽr anmelden wollen, rufen Sie die interaktive Seite auf. Dort finden Sie auch weitere Webinars und Virtual Labs zu anderen Themen rund um SciFinder.

Wenn Sie an weiterer Hilfe zum SciFinder interessiert sind, sollten Sie unbedingt die Seite aufrufen. Hier finden Sie Anleitungen, Hinweise zu weiteren Trainings und Webinars, Tipps fĂĽr Suchstrategien u.a.

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