SciFinder: E-Seminar Suche nach anorganischen Verbindungen

5. September 2011 – 07:47 Ulrich Herb (3025x aufgerufen) |

Searching Inorganic Substances in SciFinder: Diverse Compounds, Diverse Strategies

CAS bietet ein E-Seminar zur Recherche nach anorganischen Verbindungen an. Hier die ausfĂĽhrliche Beschreibung:

Panelist(s) Info:
Ben Wagner, University of Buffalo
Jim Corning, CAS

Duration: 1 hour

This overview presentation will illustrate and demonstrate when and how to use the SciFinder substance search options to locate inorganic compounds and related information. Guest presenter Ben Wagner (University at Buffalo), will not only cover the basics of name, molecular formula, and structure searching but will also show you how to effectively use more advanced search techniques such as precision analysis to help you quickly and confidently find answers for this diverse and often complicated class of compounds.

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